Distraction was a musical group.


The band's members were the Ushka Et, Enni Anni, Va'Lonis and Tzeel. Et was the lead singer, Anni played the Kloo horn, Va'Lonis played the keyboard and Tzeel was the percussionist. The Bith Zim Zimley was the band's manager and the assassin Niklas Cories also worked for them, under the alias of "Aphus Polix". The band toured the Outer Rim and on one occasion had a concert scheduled aboard the Hutt yacht, Sleemo Poya Jeedai.

The retired musician Quoltus Firth pulled some strings and hired some spacers to worked as security for the band during the event, as he wanted them to search for Cories, who had previously dated his daughter. The spacers met with the band's regular security guards, the Trandoshan brothers Xydge, Rydge and Stydge, before being introduced to the band. As part of a security ploy, Xydge then escorted Veris, Gindo, Essara and Rossi Kildaon, the band's doubles, off the ship. Cories planned to attack the Hutt ship during the concert, so he killed Tzeel's double and then secretly Ushka Et's one, before capturing and tying up the the real Et. He hoped that the spacers would deduce that Tzeel had been killed and replaced by her double, when actually Cories was posing as Et. To make this seem true, he made sure that Tzeel took some spice before the show, so that she wouldn't perform well and so make it seem more likely that she was her double. The concert began with Cories posing as Et. He planned to throw a thermal detonator into the crowd and so kill many of them and cripple the ship.

The band performed very slow and depressing music, leading to more than one live suicide during their performances.