The Doan Royal House was the royal family of the planet Doan. In 980 BBY, they came into conflict with the mining caste, and the conflict escalated after the caste accidentally killed Prince Gerran. Gerran's wife, Princess Serra, was the daughter of the healer Caleb of Ambria. In 980 BBY she discovered that her father had been killed by a Sith Lord, and, assuming this Sith Lord to be Darth Bane, the same Sith Lord who had threatened her twenty years previously—which had caused her father to force her to flee the planet and change her name—she hired the Huntress to capture him. She then brought him to the Stone Prison on Doan for interrogation, but, after his escape, she set off a detonator that collapsed the prison and fled to Ambria. Bane, however—along with the Huntress, who had become his new apprentice, Darth Cognus—tracked her there. Cognus then killed Serra, thus leaving Gerran's father the only survivng member of the Royal House.


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