Dobberty was a Clutch pilot and the wingmate of Remart Sasyru within Bolt of the Khuiumin Survivors when the unit was under the command of Jenos Idanian in 11 ABY.

He was present alongside Remart and two others from Three Flight during the Invid raid on Kerilt that same year; the four pirates had been looting a pair of dead Thalassians and happened upon a group of Caamasi refugees. During the resulting situation that involved Idanian confronting Remart's band, Jenos gave a bag of Caamasi jewelry back to its rightful owners; in response, Dobberty protested, claiming that it was "our stuff". In the wake of the fight between Jenos and Remart he, along with the two other members of that flight, were shot with stun blasts by Elegos A'Kla before they could kill Idanian.