Docking Bay 17, also referred to as Hangar Bay 17, was a cavernous docking bay located in the central hub of Exis Station. It was one of several docking bays programmed by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and historian Tionne Solusar to respond only to the Jedi's signal.

In 22 ABY, during the Mission to Exis Station, Tionne and her companions Anakin Solo, Tahiri Veila, R2-D2, and Master Ikrit docked the ship Lore Seeker in Docking Bay 17. While the Jedi and astromech droid exited the bay, at least eight of "Mage" Orloc's droids attacked them with blasters. As the Jedi attempted to escape via a metal mesh walkway, Tahiri's blond hair snagged in the floor grating. Unable to pull herself free, Tahiri was saved by a swipe from Tionne's lightsaber. The Jedi quickly left the hangar and closed the blast doors behind them. However, R2's attempt to scramble the locks did not hold the pursuing droids for long; in the end, R2 gave himself up so that his companions could escape.


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