Docking bay 11 was a docking bay onboard Elwis Bontraar's Luxury yacht, the Masquerade.


Docking bay 11 was one of a number of docking bays onboard the luxury yacht, the Masquerade. which belonged to the Bothan businessman Elwis Bontraar. It was circular in shape with a diameter of 10 meters and an airlock directly opposite the only entrance to the room. The docking bay was also equipped with a number of security cameras.


Bontraar annually held an event known as the Galactic Costume Extravaganza, aboard the Masquerade, a huge costume party which was open to all guests and acted as a place for individuals to anonymously exchange information. The docking bay normally acted as a storage space for foodstuffs intended for the party during these events. However at some point during the Rise of the Empire era Elwis's daughter was kidnapped and the costume party was agreed upon as the exchange place for her ransom. Elwis then hired several spacers to find who had kidnapped his daughter amongst the party guests; as did the Hutts of Hutt Space who had been framed for the kidnapping. One of the Hutt's men, a Trandoshan bounty hunter named Krass was tricked into believing that Elwis's spacers were in fact the kidnappers and invited them to docking bay 11 where he and two of his thugs had disabled the security cameras and preceded to ambush the spacers. Krass and his men were incapacitated in the ensuing fight and the spacers went on to rescue Elwis's daughter and find the true kidnapper; a Cerean named Zascha.