Document #RS.SS. 225863a.NS.1771.PP.24 was a recording of Admiral Jerjerrod's testimony before Senators Gopple and V'troren Tara as part of investigation into comments made by the admiral regarding the procurement procedures of the Galactic Republic.

Source:  Imperial Sourcebook, Admiral Jerjerrod's Testimony

From the days of the Old Republic, a holorecording of Senate Security Hearings, Naval Subcommittee, Procurement Panel: Document #RS.SS. 225863a.NS.1771.PP.24
Senator Gopple: Admiral Jerjerrod, you have indicated to this panel that you have certain misgivings concerning the procurement procedure of our fair Republic. Could you explain why you insist on undermin-ing the Republic's confidence in her Navy with your public statements, rather than going through a chain of command as is proper for a military officer?

Admiral Jerjerrod: The Senator from Erigorm has not scanned my reports very thoroughly. I have reported to the proper people above me and to my peers within the Naval Command. My public statements as you choose to call them Senator, were taken from those reports I so filed. I had nothing to do with their dissemination.

Senator V'troren: But if you did not leak these reports to the media, who did? Who else would have had the motivation to promulgate your particular point of view.

Admiral Jerjerrod: Senator V'troren, every being serving knows that the weapons he uses, the ships on which he serves, the droids and computers on which his life depends – every piece of equipment which he will expect to use – was designed as a result of a Senate compromise to keep each constituent commercial interest happy. Upon entering combat with such equipment a crewman's sole consolation is a grim satisfaction that our enemies probably stole their equipment from us.

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