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"Die, Jedi dogs!"
―C-3PO, during the Battle of Geonosis[src]

Dogs were a classification of non-sentient, quadrupedal species in the galaxy. One type was the akk dog, which was found on Anoat.[1]

The term "dog" could also be used as a word for contempt. While C-3PO's head was temporarily attached to a B1 battle droid's body during the Battle of Geonosis, he was heard shouting, "Die, Jedi dogs!"[2] Additionally, the phrase "wet dog" was used by Luke Skywalker to describe an odor he smelled while on Kupoh.[3]

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George Lucas and Indiana

Dogs have been mentioned or referenced in several Legends sources, as well as the novelization of A New Hope, which reveals that Luke Skywalker owned a dog.


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