The dogfight over Naboo was a minor space battle that took place over Naboo some time after 0 ABY.


While the Royal Naboo Security Forces were pestered by criminal gangs such as the Mummers, Maulers, and Skaak Tippers planetside, Naboo's planetary defense system was troubled by the presence of pirates. The RSF agents involved in the successful operation resulting in the death of one of the Skaak Tippers' leaders, Jonni Skaak, having been placed under the command of Typho in Keren, Typho eyed an opportunity to do something about the pirate problem.

Battle over NabooEdit

Typho decided to lend Naboo's planetary defense system a hand, and ordered his new subordinates to take off into space and patrol the Naboo system. Half way through their patrol duty, the agents discovered a small pirate force consisting of five Kihraxz light fighters, with who they engaged in combat immediately. The pirates were defeated, and the RSF agents landed in Keren and reported in to Typho.

Typho ordered them to go back into space in anticipation of the arrival of the pirate leader Rezunin Starwing. Starwing arrived with an escort of three M3-A Scyk fighters, but was defeated by the RSF agents.


Having solved the pirate problem, Typho could concentrate fully on the threat from the Maulers and would dispatch his agents on several missions against the Maulers before placing them under the command of Pooja Naberrie.