"Or Count Dojarat of Prospera Jang, the gentleman adventurer who lets his marks go free if they beat him at boxing."
―Arack Dostryt mentions Dojarat in his section of the Bounty Hunter Code[src]

Dojarat was an Ualaq Aqualish male count from the planet Prospera Jang who served the Bounty Hunters' Guild during the Galactic Civil War. When pursuing bounties, Dojarat would allow his targets to go free if they successfully beat him in a bout of boxing. Due to this trait he was written about by fellow bounty hunter Arack Dostryt in The Bounty Hunter Code, the Guild member's handbook.


"In the Guild, odd-balls are the norm, not the exception."
―Dostryt listed the count as one of several odd members of the guild[src]

The male Ualaq Aqualish named Dojarat held the title of count and membership of the Bounty Hunters' Guild during the Galactic Civil War between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire.[1] From the Mid Rim[2] planet Prospera Jang, the bounty hunter became well known for the quirk of letting any bounty go if they could beat him at boxing, and lost bounties because of it. The Bounty Hunters' Guild's director of recruiting, Arack Dostryt, mentioned Dojarat in his section of the Guild member's handbook, The Bounty Hunter Code, which was titled "Becoming a Bounty Hunter" and included the count in a section on "Quirks" that hunters might have.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"The Ualaq from Prospera Jang has a devastating left."
―Dostryt mentions Dojarat's boxing ability.[src]

Dojarat earned a reputation as a gentleman adventurer during his career as a bounty hunter, and became known for the odd quirk of challenging every acquisition he captured to a round of boxing. Any individual who could beat the count he would let go; however, according to Dostryt, the Aqualish had a powerful left blow when fighting. Dojarat had black eyes and gray skin. His largest right eye was replaced at some point by a cybernetic implant.[1]

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Dojarat was first mentioned and pictured in 2014 in The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, a reference book written by Jason Fry, Daniel Wallace and Ryder Windham.


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