Dolina were a type of plant native to the planet Dagobah in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. They were recognized only by their seeds, which were ring-shaped and incredibly dense.



The dolina plant was a species of plant native to the swamp planet Dagobah. Despite attempts to identify the dolina, scientists were only familiar with the plant's seed, which refused to germinate away from Dagobah and thus had never been properly identified. The seed's properties were of great interest to the scientific community and agribusinesses. The seed's endocarp was a woody ring three centimeters in diameter and the shell was near indestructible; pressure, temperature, and caustic and corrosive chemicals had no effect on the seed. An extremely dense structure, the seed weighed an average of nine kilograms.[1]

The greatest characteristic of the seeds was known only to a few of the Forceful scientists who had studied them: the seeds were highly reactive to applications of the Force. During the wake of the Clone Wars, a Sullustan agronomist working in the Mid Rim discovered the strange traits of the seed before being disappeared by the Galactic Empire. Elsewhere in the galaxy, a farmer and chemist recovered a seed from a Trandoshan junk dealer and gave it to his Forceful daughter. When the Inquisitorius came hunting for the girl and executed her father, the girl placed the seed on her finger like a ring and gave her a surge of speed brought on by the Living Force. Escaping into the night the girl, named Syla Trasker, joined the Rebel Alliance as a Force adept and wore the ring on a chain, its weight unnoticeable to her. [1]


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