Doln Tok was a Force-sensitive male Kel Dor masseur.


Tok was young and thin, and his skin color changed from light red to dark peach. Some skin marks shaped as rings and spikes made him easy to distinguish from other Kel Dor. He was noted for having a joking demeanor and for his skills as a masseur. Unknown even to him was the fact that he was Force-sensitive, and he used his latent Force skills when relaxing his customers.

During a run of bad luck, Tok lost all of his money. Suddenly broke, he looked for job and found Bothan entrepreneur, Rava Teb'lya, who rejected him. However, Tok persisted and convinced her to give him a chance.

Tok worked at Teb'lya's business, the Rose Nebula, alongside twenty-nine other masseurs and masseuses. Soon, Tok became one of the best masseurs of the club, even when his mask and goggles kindred his connection with customers. He wore an open pink shirt and black trousers to have freedom of movement when working. The most important part of his job was that while massaging his customers, he also convinced them to reveal "that information worrying you"; the Rose Nebula was in fact Teb'lya's method of gathering information to sell to the highest bidder.

Tok had a hidden blaster pistol which he intended to never use, yet he understood Teb'lya could easily make enemies in her line of work. Tok became a popular masseur among his customers, earning so much money that he was able to buy a customized room with Dorin atmosphere, where he and his Kel Dor friends could breathe easily.

Behind the scenesEdit

As with many of the characters in the book Ultimate Adversaries, Tok's story is purposely ambiguous so that he can be introduced in any campaign, no matter the era. This is why the Empire or the Republic is never mentioned.


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