"The True Gods decree that life is suffering, and give us pain to demonstrate their truth. Some among our masters seek favor with the True Gods by seeking pain; Domain Shai was legendary for this. They used the Embrace of Pain the way you or I might take a bath. Perhaps they hoped that by punishing themselves, they might avert the punishments of the True Gods. In this, one must suppose they were…ah, disappointed. Or perhaps—as Domain Shai’s detractors like to whisper—they grew to enjoy the pain."

Domain Shai was a Domain of the Yuuzhan Vong Warrior caste. Members of the domain were known for their devotion and enjoyment of pain, extreme even by the standards of the Yuuzhan Vong. A particularly notable member of Domain Shai was Mongei Shai, who was part of the Yuuzhan Vong scout force that entered the galaxy. His death on the planet of Bimmiel in the exhibition was a source of pride for the Domain, and they were among the Domains that supported Domain Jamaane in their coup against Supreme Overlord Quoreal.

Another noteworthy member was Commander Shedao Shai (Mongei's grandson) who led the Yuuzhan Vong's attack on Ithor. After Shedao's defeat and death, Domain Shai was dishonored. However, one of Domain Shai's members was still sent as an assassin to murder Elan after her supposed defection.


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