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This article is about the Corellian woman. You may be looking for other people named Doman Beruss.

Doman Beruss was a Corellian politician and a founder of the New Republic.


Doman Beruss signature

Doman Beruss' signature.

Beruss came to represent the Corellian resistance movement following the departure of Garm Bel Iblis from the Rebel Alliance in 0 BBY.

Beruss was one of the signatories of the Declaration of the Alliance of Free Planets following the Battle of Endor, and, one month later, Beruss signed the Declaration of a New Republic. Her signatures adorned these documents alongside other important leaders of the Alliance like Leia Organa, Admiral Ackbar, Borsk Fey'lya or Mon Mothma.

Some months later, Beruss and the other signatories of the Declaration of a New Republic became the mobile New Republic Provisional Council, with Mon Mothma as the Chief of State. The Council would be active until the capture of Coruscant by the New Republic, 7 ABY, to be replaced by the first New Republic Senate. In 10 ABY she was one of the signatories of Why Do We Fight the Empire?. Beruss retained her position until at least 11 ABY and the beginnings of the Daala crisis.

Doman Beruss was the aunt of another Doman Beruss, the senator of Illodia, and great-aunt of his son Avan, a member of Rogue Squadron.



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