Domb Treetor, a male Skakoan from Skako, served as a Appropriations Chief with the Techno Union prior to the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After the Clone Wars began, Treetor became a Major in the Confederacy military.


During the Clone Wars, Treetor commanded a grand army of battle droids, but despite his power, he was defeated at the Battle of Bassadro by Jedi General Empatojayos Brand and his clone troopers. Major Treetor had hoped to hold Bassadro's mineral wealth for the CIS, but was forced to surrender to General Brand and return the planet's holdings back to the Republic.

News of Treetor's surrender was broadcast on Republic HoloNet channels, though the Separatists were quick to ensure reporters knew the 'true' reason for the Major's surrender—supposedly, Domb Treetor surrendered to Brand only to save the citizens of Agao and other nearby settlements from further warfare.


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