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Domus Renking was a human male who served as the Senator of Lothal during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


When Renking's rival Governor Ryder Azadi had Elainye Pryce arrested for embezzlement, he brokered a deal with Arihnda Pryce which would see Pryce Mining under the control of the Galactic Empire. He sent Arihnda's parents to Batonn and Arihnda became an aide to Renking and received a job in one of his citizen assistance offices During Ascension Week, Renking took Arihnda to a party in the Federal District and introduced her and her friends Driller and Juahir to top officials and rising stars in the Imperial Government and Military such as Colonel Wullf Yularen, Senior Lieutenant Thrawn, and Ensign Vanto before he sent her to deliver a datacard to Moff Ghadi with instructions to have him upload the files on it on his computer. What he didn't tell Arihnda was that the data card had false data on it. Unfortunately, Ghadi saw through the trick and sprayed her with an illegal spice. He then threatened to have her arrested unless she put a booby-trapped data card on his datapad which implicated him in illegal dealings. Arihnda was made a scapegoat for Renking's illegal dealings and she was dismissed from her position.[1]

Sometime later, Azadi was arrested for treason. Renking tried to gain the position of Planetary Governor of Lothal but it went instead to Arihnda thanks to the patronage and support of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin as thanks for helping him permanently take down Ghadi. Renking hoped to renew his alliance with Pryce. Unfortunately, he later learned that Pryce closed down Pryce Mining. When he tried to protest this decision Pryce wasn't the least bit moved and blocked him.[1]

Pryce approached him and asked him to persuade Governor Sanz of Kintoni to withdraw her proposal. Renking did this by bribing her to sabotage her own presentation. Major Hartell of the Imperial Security Bureau discovered what he had done and arrested him. Renking appealed to Pryce for aid but she allowed to be taken away for which he threw her a look of disbelief and hate as he was led away.[1]

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