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Dona Telemark was a female Human who lived during the first years of the Galactic Empire.


Dona sheltered former Jedi Ferus Olin when he was on the run from the Empire. She escaped during an attack from the bounty hunters Boba Fett and D'harhan.

In 18 BBY, Telamark was arrested along with Roan Lands by the Empire on charges of conspiracy against the government of Bellassa and plotting to assassinate the Bellassan Imperial advisor. The two prisoners were held aboard the True Justice in an effort to coerce Olin to work for the Empire. Scheduled for a speedy trial by Judge Bellican, Attorney Tomay Alcorn, and law clerk Sam Weller, the duo was unexpectedly set free when Solace, Oryon, and Trever Flume, impersonating the Imperial judicial team, hijacked the retrofitted YT-series Corellian transport.



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