Donnal Cuciv was a male individual who resided on the planet Wukkar. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Cuciv was elderly and he worked at Iltarr City Spaceport on Wukkar, where he was responsible for maintaining the port's incoming passenger and shipping lists. Around 0 ABY, Cuciv became a blackmail victim of the crime syndicate Black Sun and he visited Black Sun sector Chief Avrak Villachor at Villachor's Marblewood Estate on Wukkar. Cuciv was spotted by the aristocrat Rachele Ree entering the estate and he was subsequently consulted by a group of criminals led by the smuggler Han Solo, who sought to gain a description of Villachor's blackmail datacards in preparation for a heist that they planned to stage at the estate. The Imperial Intelligence operative Dayja also sort out Cuciv to learn details of the blackmail files and then drugged Cuciv with the substance Speakeasy in order to make him forget their encounter.