"You said I could have a turn after you. You said. And that was four credits ago."
"Don't be a pest, Meatface."
"Mom said you weren't supposed to call me that."
"Well, Meatface, Mom isn't here, is she?
―Donni Bratz asking his brother Chuck for a round of Wookiee Warpath[src]

Donni Bratz was a sentient male being who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. In 20 BBY, he went on a trip with his brother, Chuck Bratz, aboard the starship Reasonable Doubt. At one point of this journey, they both played the game Wookiee Warpath, which resulted in a dispute over who of them would be the first to have a turn. They came to the compromise that Donni would play directly after his brother's first game. However, Chuck broke the engagement and denied all requests for a round of Wookiee Warpath. After the fourth game, Jedi Master Yoda—hidden in an R2 unit—entered the room and stole a drink Chuck had bought to refresh himself during the match. Donni tried to warn him, but Yoda used a mind trick to make him forget that he was stealing the drink.


Donni Bratz was born as a member of a species with four thumbs and antennae on the head. One day, Donni violated his bigger brother Chuck's authority and, as a punishment, he was tied to a zink-sled. Traumatized by this experience, he respected his brother's authority henceforward.

In 20 BBY, Donni went on a trip with his brother Chuck aboard the starship Reasonable Doubt. At one point, he and his brother went to the gaming establishment Kidz Arkade in order to play the game Wookiee Warpath. Since both liked the game, there was a dispute over who would play the first round. Donni finally gave in when his brother promised him that he could play directly after him. However, Chuck continued playing round by round and denied Donni's requests for a match. Jedi Master Yoda—who had hidden himself in an R2 unit to avoid being identified on his secret mission—entered the Kidz Arkade after Chuck's fourth consecutive game and stole Chuck's drink which he had bought prior to the match. Donni tried to warn his brother of the thief, but Chuck ignored him because he thought he would ask again for a match. In the next moment, the Jedi Master used a mind trick to make Donni forget that he was stealing his brother's drink.

Personality and traitsEdit

Donni Bratz's opinion about his brother was divided. He admired his brother's skills in Wookiee Warpath and furthermore, his mother often reminded him that Chuck was "the best big brother a guy could have." Contrary to his mother's words, he usually feared him. Chuck had once tied him to a zink-sled, when Donni had violated his authority.

Behind the scenesEdit

Donni Bratz's only appearance to date was in the 2004 novel Yoda: Dark Rendezvous written by Sean Stewart. In the story, he plays a minor character who only appeared on a few pages.


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