Dooarix Gyll was a male Gand podracer active during the Galactic Civil War.


A skilled podracer during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Dooarix Gyll was a Force-sensitive who worked with Lisali Mitillan to rig several races in his favor. Mitillan, a Force Adept, would place high bets on Gyll's race and observe the race course as a spotter in violation of the leagues bylaws against outside aid to racers; ultimately they longed to leave Nar Shadaa. Mitillan was using the Force to communicate with Gyll about obstacles on the race track, which helped them avoid anyone spotting a communication device.[1]

After their fifth win in six weeks, Gyll and Mitillan were interrogated by Tal Feint, a Muun investigator who had seen each of the three races which gave them such success. Feint, who was employed by Zeto, attempted to confront them about Mitillan's spotting operation, but was interrupted by Zeto who wished violence against the two racers. When Mitillan used the Force to throw Zeto against a wall, Geist used his own power of persuasion to send his employer's hired hands away and offered to help Gyll and Mitillan use their Force skills for things greater than fixing races.[1]


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