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"Mother liked being regent after father's death, and she and my Uncle did not get along."
Adan Dooku speaks about his family to Bail Organa[src]

A Human male noble of House Dooku served as the Great House's Count on the planet Serenno prior to the Clone Wars. While Count he was married to a woman named Kostanza, with whom he had a child, Adan Dooku. However, during his son's childhood the count died, leaving his son to take his place as the new count. Because of Adan's young age, his mother acted as regent. Adan and Kostanza would eventually leave Serenno in self-exile to Alderaan upon the arrival of Adan's uncle, a fallen Jedi who claimed the title of count for himself.[1]

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Dooku's brother was first mentioned in the comic book series Star Wars: Agent of the Empire in the sixth issue, the beginning of the Hard Targets story arc, published on October 17, 2012.


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