"Justice for Caamas! Justice now!"
―Drend Navett instigates a riot on Dordolum[src]

Dordolum was a planet located in the Colonies Region of the galaxy. Its population included individuals from a number of sentient species, such as Aqualish, Barabels, Bothans, Duros, Humans and Ishori. A short distance from a spaceport on the planet was a plaza that contained the Stand of Public Expression. The plaza was lined with paved pathways and flowerbeds, and was bordered by the Bothan-owned Solferin Shipping Company. In 19 ABY, Drend Navett, Klif and several other Imperial agitators instigated a riot against the Solferin Shipping Company, ostensibly in outrage at Bothan involvement in the Destruction of Caamas in 19 BBY.[2]



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