"I'm being set up, Resjin. I can feel it. I was so close…but they want me to fail."
―Dorin Millavec to Resjin Resjic[src]

Dorin Millavec was a commander on the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Crucible during the Galactic Civil War. Personally ordered by Darth Vader to oversee and help Nas Ghent in forming the Black Eight Squadron, Millavec, viewing the entire situation as a plot against his promotion prospects, tried to sabotage Ghent's progress.

First he tried to have Ghent eliminated in a fake training flight by giving him a derelict TIE fighter and ordering his wingmen to shoot him as an infiltrator - a plan which backfired when Ghent's survival instincts were triggered and he used his piloting skills to destroy his attackers. When Ghent angrily confronted him, Millavec managed to smooth-talk his way out by claiming that this had been a test, under Vader's orders. And in order to ensure that Ghent would fail, Millavec decided to recruit Black Eight from the ranks of the most murderous and insane conscripts held in the Imperial prisons.

However, Millavec's attempt at Ghent's life had the unforeseen effect of rekindling Ghent's will to live and thus making himself an enemy.



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