Dorin Venithon was an Ithorian pirate and a half of the Venithon Twins.

Dorin and his brother Denuab Venithon were believed to be born in an Ithorian Herdship traveling through Corellian space. The twins somehow grew up in the slum docks of Corellia; probably the herd ship abandoned or lost them.

With a hard childhood, the Venithons became contrary to the Ithorian norm: They valued power and control instead of peace and life as Ithorian usually did. They felt no guilt depriving people from their possessions, dignity or life, and decided to become pirates.

They bought a Ghtroc freighter to an Elomin smuggler who had stolen it, with the original documents conveniently "lost." They then registered the Venithon Bandit under both of their names, and during the following years they refitted it with parts stolen to other, newer Ghtrocs: Only the original hull is left, but it was the only ship the Venithon Twins ever had.

The ship was usually piloted by Denuab, the most reasonable and educated of the two. Instead of fighting, Denuab only broke the securi-locks and returned to the Bandit while his more bully brother performed the board as itself. Proud of being a loudmouthed (and two-mouthed) pirate, he is an expert in melee and firefights and has had lots of scars from the multiple boardings, including a plasma burn in the right side of his lower leg, going to the parietal area of the head, where the neck begins to curve towards the eyes.

The Venithons served in different pirate organizations, such as the Kliap Pirates, the Bandits of Ggy-ynt, the Yarnak Gang and the Fivaran Organization.

While serving the Fivaran Organization, they worked alongside forty-six other pirates trying to ride the Hauler VI, a Censian-class transport. The Venithons then discovered that the cargo of the Hauler was four hundred SpecForce Marines of the Rebel Alliance army. The Venithons decided to escape, leaving their colleagues behind to be captured or killed.

They eventually began working for the Hy'thor pirate group, operating in Mieru'kar sector under the leadership of Ompiach. The Venithons served the leadership council, which in turn served Ompiach, but the Venithons unofficially had a great amount of power on the council individual members.

On 2 ABY, Ompiach sent the Venithons as envoys to create a treaty among his group and rival group of pirate Safonne Pendon. Although they would rather raid ships, they accepted the task. Unfortunately, the meeting ended in a battle. During the battle, the crossfire damaged a Rebel freighter with an important cargo. The freighter crash-landed on a nearby planet and the Venithons and colleagues, trying to show their value, followed it to plunder it.