The Dorja family was a wealthy family[1] of whom eight straight generations served the navy of either the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, or Imperial Remnant.[2][3]

Captain Dorja of the Imperial Navy was the seventh Dorja man to serve—his father, grandfather, and the preceding generations had all been naval officers. At least one of his ancestors was an admiral, and more than one commanded a ship of the line. Dorja became the captain of the Galactic Empire's Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Relentless before the year 4 ABY,[2] and, after the Empire ceased to exist in 11 ABY,[4] he continued to command the warship in Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon's Imperial Remnant.[1] His daughter, Vana,[5] followed in her father's footsteps and became a commander in the Remnant's Navy.[3]



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