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"A gem among the smaller capital ships. Who still uses these?"
"Dornea, my dear Statura. Dornea uses them."
―U.O. Statura and Admiral Gial Ackbar discuss the usage of Braha'tok-class gunships[src]

Dornea[2] was the homeworld of the Dornean species. Braha'tok-class gunships were created by the Dornean Braha'ket Fleetworks Conglomerate to protect Dornea from the Galactic Empire,[3] and as dedicated anti-starfighter platforms.[1] At least six of these gunships became a part of the Alliance Fleet before or during 0 BBY,[4][5] but after their decisive victory at Yavin, Dornea joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and brought more Braha'tok-class gunships with them.[1] In 34 ABY, after U.O. Statura questioned who still used the gunships, Admiral Gial Ackbar informed him that Dornea still did.[2]


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