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"May your spirits fly to the zenith and your bodies rest peacefully in the depths."
―Old Dornean sailors' blessing for the dead[src]

The Dorneans were a humanoid species from Dornea.


Tall and covered with leathery, purple skin, the Dorneans were a proud species with a long martial history. Their naval tradition stretched back to a time when the Dorneans only sailed on their worlds oceans, before their mastery of space travel. Like their quill-studded eyefolds and shoulders suggested, the Dorneans were skilled defensive tacticians, particularly male Dorneans, who held the roles of caring for Dornean children.

During the reign of Emperor Palpatine, the Dorneans repulsed the constant pressure of the Imperial Navy with a minimal fleet of their own. Following the end of Imperial aggression against Dornea, the Dorneans joined the New Republic.



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