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The Dorumaan leviathan was an oceanic mammal living on Dorumaa, the only moon of Almas, which had itself been a planet long ago.


Discoveries by Dr. A. Rahring showed similarities between the leviathan and the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, which made some believe that the leviathans had been imported to Mon Calamari long ago, and then became extinct on the planet. During the last decades of the Old Republic, the leviathan was almost extinct. In previous years, two young leviathans had been born, but their mother had disappeared strangely. Some believed that the youngsters were the last leviathans, but others thought the mother was frozen or hibernating somewhere under the surface of Dorumaa. Xenobiologist Rahring and his research team produced the holodocumentary A Galaxy Befuddled, showing the strange life of the leviathan. Soon after that, one of the young leviathans disappeared. It was suspected that it had been kidnapped by smuggler Rufus Trammel, who meant to likely sell it to one of Rahring's fans.

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