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"Dosh" was short for Trandoshan and was the official language of the Trandoshan species from Trandosha. It was composed mainly of harsh grunts, hisses and growls, and had a written form that used alphabetic glyphs.

Most Trandoshans were fluent in both Dosh and Basic, also being literate in both languages.

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  • Ashkrik - Literally means ("To bleed your foes dry")
  • Davjäan inyameet - ("Burning in the blood")
  • Horont - Yes
  • julamba - No
  • hatcherd - Hello
  • Lucumba - Move Out!
  • Sham ba lu mi lowe - I will never give up!
  • Sham - I
  • Ba - Will
  • Lu - Never
  • Mi - Give
  • Lowe - Up
  • Byager - Victory
  • Jahumba - Friend
  • Hak - Foe
  • Kajabba - Lightsaber
  • Guage - Alien
  • Jetar madle - Meat Maggot
  • Brac - Why
  • Gwa - My
  • Ghrakhowsk - A person a Trandoshan owes a life-debt to
  • Ssoh - Stealth
  • Ink - Our
  • Ala Mi Lowe Ja - Give up Jedi coward

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