The double-barreled blaster carbine was a powerful blaster small enough to conceal under loose clothing. Unlike a normal blaster carbine, the double-barreled carbine did not have an autofire setting, however it could be switched to a "double shot" mode which allowed the weapon to fire two shots at the same time, targeting a wider area.

The double-barreled carbine had a close-range stun setting as well, meaning the wielder could switch the weapon to fire stun shots instead of lethal fire, however the close-range stun setting was limited to a range of only 9 meters. A double-barreled blaster carbine required a power pack to operate; after 50 shots, the power pack needed to be replaced. This weapon cost 1,200 credits to purchase, but its ownership and use was regulated by local authorities.

The double-barreled carbine was a favorite among those who lived on the fringe of society. Cade Skywalker carried a custom double-barreled blaster carbine that was modified for him by chief mechanic and former Jedi "Bantha" Rawk.



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