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A Hiromi eating a doughnut.

Doughnuts, also known as donuts, were circular cakes with a hole in the middle. They were often covered in different types of icing. They were a favorite food of Zeltrons. They were also enjoyed by Hiromi, who discovered them in the royal kitchens when they invaded Zeltros.[1]

When Kyle Katarn infiltrated the Imperial facility on Danuta to steal the plans to the Death Star, he shot an Imperial commando who was eating a doughnut.[2]

Dexter Jettster owned a doughnut shop called Dex's Donuts where he served such varieties as iced donuts with shredded Ishi Tib-cracked coconut or dark matter sprinkles, Dianoga cream-filled donuts, Yowvetch custard-filled donuts, Muja fruit-filled donuts, and powdered Christophsian sugar donuts.[3]



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