Dova Brigger was a freelance trader operating in the Corellian system. She and her brother Kal shipped whatever they could find between Corellia and other worlds; to do so, they flew a modified YT-1300 light freighter named Hardwired. She used most of her profits to upgrade the Hyperdrive. This meant that they could make increasingly longer trips, eventually it became easy for them to ship freight to the Core Worlds. They also started shipping different cargo, they started out with consumer goods but ended up shipping contraband including small weaponry and ammo.

According to the HoloNet they were noticed by the Smuggler's Confederacy of the Cularin System's leader: Nirama. He loaned them credits so they could upgrade Hardwired even more. However, he made them pledge to never work for slavers; the siblings broke their promise a year later. Nirama soon put a price on their heads, Dova was captured by a bounty hunter and Nirama had her executed.

In 18 BBY a mechanic named Bammy Decree found the Hanx-Wargel SuperFlow IV Computer from the formerly known Hardwired while repairing it for Rej Taunt. He compiled a brief history of previous owners by cross-referencing the data in the flight computer with Holonet entries.



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