"One little slave. Come now. This shouldn't be an issue. You can even borrow her from time to time if you'd like...."
―Dowron, to Caled Galfridian[src]

Dowron was a Duros who settled on the planet Artorias sometime after the Battle of Endor. By 6 ABY, he had taken a slave named Nina. When Atorias' King Caled Galfridian found out, he stormed into Dowron's compound and demanded to free the slave. Dowron tried to bargain with King, and even offered to let him borrow her, but the Caled wasn't interested and order him deactivate her kill chip. After deactivating her kill chip Nina immediately attacked Dowron. She then told Caled to leave and killed Dowron with her bare hands. After Caled went outside he told all of Dowron's followers to get off his planet.[1]


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