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The Dowutin were a species of large humanoids that hailed[5] from the frigid planet[6] Dowut, which was located in the Core Worlds.[5] They were known for their mercenaries.[1] One Dowutin was a part of a gladiatorial program run by the Xonti Brothers. They put the Dowutin through harsh training which killed three of the other members. It faced off with the other remaining member, a Wookiee named Black Krrsantan, and was struck down in one punch.[11] Grummgar, a member of this species, was present at Maz Kanata's castle with the spy Bazine Netal just before the First Order attacked the castle.[12] Another Dowutin was the Ninth Sister, who originally had ties with the Jedi Order[13] before joining Emperor Palpatine's Inquisitorius program.[9]

Behind the scenesEdit

Maz castle cross section

Patrons of Maz Kanata's castle, including Grummgar

The Dowutin were first pictured in a Vanity Fair article released May 4, 2015 which included a group photo of characters in Maz Kanata's castle.[14] The species first appeared in 2015 with an expansion added to the mobile game Star Wars: Commander.[1]


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