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"Die well."
"Copy that."
Ronhar Kim and Dox[src]

Dox was a clone trooper commander with the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Commander Dox was assigned to Jedi General Ronhar Kim.


Dox was sent along with a number of clones to Merson, under the command of Ronhar Kim and his Padawan Tap-Nar-Pal. They were sent to battle the Merson pirates, who had allied themselves with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, fearing Kim's plans to test the entire Galactic Senate for Midi-chlorians, set the battle as a trap to eliminate Kim and Pal.

During the battle, the Republic forces found themselves outnumbered by a "factor of five", with CIS droid forces and supplies having unexpectedly reinforced the pirates. Both in orbit and planetside, the Jedi and clones found themselves beset. At some point during the battle, Dox suffered a wound, which had cracked his helmet and left a deep cut across his face. Captain Gilad Pellaeon almost immediately pulled back his naval forces, leaving those planetside vulnerable and stranded. Tap-Nar-Pal refused to retreat and leave his master, and attempted to strafe the droid forces attacking Kim and Dox, but was shot down and killed.

Kim and Dox had found cover, and witnessed Pal's death. Kim, realizing the battle was lost, fell quiet. Dox asked Kim for his orders, sarcastically pointing out that surrender was not an option. Kim told him to die well, to which Dox agreed. He then led his nine surviving men into battle, attempting to destroy as many droids as they could. Soon, General Kim, the clone troopers, and Dox all fell, cut down by blasterfire.



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