Doyan was a female Feeorin leader of the Novitiates, an elite group of dark side adepts serving Sith Lord Odion, ruler of the Odionate—a Sith princedom which emerged from the ruins of the former Chagras Hegemony in 1040 BBY. By 1032 BBY, she had been appointed the leader of a team of Novitiates assigned to Project Pandemonium, a Sith mission assigned to recover the Helm of Ieldis, an ancient Sith artifact capable of driving sentient beings into a homicidal frenzy. However, this team of Novitiates had been infiltrated by two enemies: the Human Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, under the pseudonym of "Mercy", and the Kubaz Glenk, a covert Daimanate agent. She participated in several battles including the Invasion of Sarrassia and the Second Battle of Skarpos. Doyan was also present during a dark side ritual where Odion unleashed the full power of the Helm on the Grumani sector from his base in Vanahame. Doyan was presumably slain during the Battle of Vanahame when Odion exhorted his followers into a killing frenzy, which ultimately ended in both the destruction of the Helm and its user Odion, and the collapse of the Odionate.



Doyan was a Force-sensitive female Feeorin who lived during the Republic Dark Age, a period when the Galactic Republic had been reduced to rump state centered around the Core Worlds and various Sith Lords controlled the peripheral regions of the galaxy. At some period prior to 1032 BBY, Doyan was presumably found to be Force-sensitive and then recruited into the Odionate as a Novitiate, a dark side adept devoted to the teachings of the Sith Lord Odion. Odion had a nihilistic worldview and regarded the existence of other sentient beings as painful and sought to end this pain by killing the lives of other sentient beings. Odion learnt how to use his Dark Side powers to drive other sentient beings to destruction by channeling all the misery around them. Doyan became a devoted and loyal member of the Novitiates.

Sarrassia melee

Doyan fighting Grumani Hierophants

The Helm of IeldisEdit

Following the Aquilaris campaign and the Battle of Darkknell, Doyan was assigned to lead a special team of Novitiates assigned to recover the Helm of Ieldis, an ancient Sith artifact created by Lord Ieldis prior to the Great Hyperspace War that was capable of driving entire armies into a homicidal frenzy. This mission was known as Project Pandemonium and was a continuation of an earlier expedition that had been started several years earlier until its trail went cold on Sarrassia in 1038 BBY. With the collapse of the Bactranate, Odion now intended to continue the project.

Due to the Helm's enormous power, it was regarded as a strategic games changer in Odion's bid for dominance. During that period, the Grumani sector was ruled by members of the Calimondra family, a warring Sith clan led by Matriarch Vilia Calimondra. She had promise to give her extensive holdings to the heir who conquered the most. As a result, much of the sector experienced protracted warfare as rival Sith claimants fought each other for dominance. Odion had a special animosity towards his younger brother and fellow Sith Lord Daiman, a narcissistic individual who saw himself as the Creator of the Universe.

Unknown to Doyan, her team had been infiltrated by two enemies of the Odionate: the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and the Kubaz Daimanate agent Glenk. Kerra Holt wanted to avenge the invasion of her homeworld Aquilaris Minor at the hands of Odion in 1042 BBY. She also wanted to find out the fate and whereabouts of her parents Aron and Mercia Holt, who had been captured by Odion on Aquilaris. For her mission, she assumed the alias "Mercy". Meanwhile, Glenk had been dispatched by Daiman to shadow Kerra's movements since he had helped her infiltrate the Odionate. He leaked intelligence about Project Pandemonium to his master Daiman.

Project PandemoniumEdit

Doyan and Mercy

Doyan and "Mercy" on Vanahame.

Since Sarrassia was the last known location visited by Project Pandemonium, the Odionate launched an invasion of the planet. During the invasion, Doyan herself led a ground assault on several Grumani Hierophants who were making a last stand on Mount Diligence, which they regarded as holy ground. During the assault on the enemy trenches, Doyan and her Novitiates brutally slaughtered the defenders without showing any quarter. Doyan herself was about to kill a male Hierophant with his lightsaber when "Mercy" pushed him aside, stating that he did not have to kill him. Doyan was about to reprimand "Mercy" when they were shelled by friendly fire from General Beld Yulan's cannons.

Doyan and "Mercy" survived the onslaught but several Odionate Sith troopers were killed and wounded as a result of friendly fire. Yulan reprimanded "Mercy" for her soft-heartedness and self-preservation which clashed directly with Odion's nihilistic philosophy. "Mercy" responded by arguing that killing the Novitiates would defeat the purpose of the mission to find the Helm and thus incur the wrath of Odion. Following the mopping-up operation, Doyan and her Novitiates explored the caves beneath the hill. While exploring the caves, "Mercy" became separated from the rest of the team.

"Mercy" would reunite with a long-lost family friend Aunt Zoojoo where she learnt more details about her parents and that the Helm was located within the Morbollon Mesa on Skarpos, a bleak desert world which had been recently acquired from Lord Malakite, ruler of a realm known as the Menagerie. Meanwhile, Yulan and Doyan did a gravimetric analysis of the mountain which confirmed that there was an underground chamber containing an underground temple. The Odionates use explosives to create an opening. During an ensuing standoff, Zoojoo was killed when she detonated a series of explosives which buried the temple under rocks and rubble, denying the Sith access to the temple. Doyan survived this avalanche of rocks but a few Sith troopers and at least one Novitiate were killed. However, "Mercy" survived and revealed that the Helm was located on Skarpos.

Traitors UnmaskedEdit

Doyan on Skarpos

Doyan on Skarpos

General Yulan flew the Novitiates to Skarpos. En route, the Odionate fleet did a stop-over at Vanahame, a moon which served as a transit point for travel throughout the region. Doyan and two other Novitiates caught "Mercy" twice attempting to commandeer a shuttle. "Mercy" feigned devotion to Odion's cause and and expressed frustration with Yulan for prolonging their transit on Vanahame. Doyan firmly responded that Yulan did not answer to the Novitiates. She also chided "Mercy" for contemplating seeking the Helm on her own, reminding her that as a team they were going to find the Helm together for Odion. She also reprimanded the Sith novice for trying to steal a shuttle for herself and claim all the credit for herself.

"Mercy" apologized, pretending that she wanted to help Odion so much. Still, she expressed frustration at Odion's frequent trips to Vanahame to refuel, stating it was the third time he had done so this week. Doyan reassured her that all the other Novitiates were eager to go and find the Helm. She also noted that the Novitiate Glenk had gone missing since their trip to Sarrassia. She assumed that the Kubaz had gone to claim the credit for himself and stressed that the recovery of the Helm should be a team effort. Following their conversation, "Mercy" was sent downstairs beneath the spaceport to alert Yulan that the warship Gravedigger had been finally refueled. When "Mercy" enquired as to what was located below, Doyan replied that she did not known, assuming that there was only dirt and dead people but told "Mercy" to remind Yulan to get moving. Down there, "Mercy" discovered the existence of an Odionate cloister, a planet-sized mega orphanage where all the children within the Odionate were indoctrinated into slave workers and soldiers of Odion.

On Skarpos, Doyan did a gravimetric scan of the Mesa which confirmed "Mercy's" report that the Helm was located on Skarpos. Doyan found that the mesa was riddle with tunnels, thirty meters from the top. It was assumed that the Helm was located in a temple chamber within. Through her electrobinoculars, "Mercy" also observed that there was an outlet in the outer wall. She offered to take a swoop bike and explore it but Doyan reminded her that the Novitiates were going to explore it as a team and that they would take a skiff to reach it. Meanwhile, the Odionate garrison was assailed by Malakite and Daiman's forces. Glenk was spotted with Daiman on a chariot platform which led Yulan and "Mercy" to conclude he was a spy working for Daiman.

While Yulan's ground forces and artillery held back the invaders, Doyan and her team of Novitiates ascended to the top of the mesa in their skiff. They managed to arrived at the opening on its outer well. Before they could bring the skiff close enough for them all to enter the opening, "Mercy" leapt into the hole. Doyan and her Novitiates were able to sense the Helm's presence and told "Mercy" to wait there so that they could join her in a second. However, "Mercy" threw her Sith lightsaber and used it to damage the skiff's right engine, causing it to spiral away from the mesa. The Novitiates were able to regain control of the craft but were forced to land it somewhere else. An enraged Doyan vowed to "Mercy" that this was not over and that they would find her. "Mercy" responded by taunting that it should not be too hard to find her before revealing her green Jedi lightsaber.

Bloodbath on SkarposEdit

It would not be long before "Mercy" and the other Novitiates would be reunited. "Mercy" entered the Grumani temple chamber only to be captured by Lord Odion who had already acquired the Helm for himself. After incapacitating her with Force lightning and unmasking her as Kerra, he had her brought in chains to the top of the Morbollon Mesa. When Kerra taunted Odion about the small size of the Helm and likened it to a trash compactor, an enraged Doyan offered to kill her for her Master. She was outraged that the Novitiates, the highest level of the Odionate military, had been infiltrated by a Jedi. Odion replied that it would be worth killing the entire team of Novitiates for not being careful about infiltration but revealed that he had been aware of Kerra's presence in the Odionate from the day that she entered his domain.

Odion revealed that he had allowed Kerra to infiltrate the Novitiates since her family was always destined to lead him to the Helm. Her parents had been part of the earlier research team assigned to find the Helm until their disappearance after Sarrassia. He also had his Claimer Wayman shadow Kerra's movements. Doyan was also present when Yulan and his team of soldiers returned from the Mesa. They revealed they found two skeletons and a necklace which was used to confirm that the corpses belonged to Kerra's parents Aron and Mercia. Kerra immediately descended into a state of grief and anguish which activated the Helm. Odion deployed the Helm against the three armies fighting beneath the mesa, wiping out the armies of Malakite and Daiman and forcing them into a retreat. However, the Odionates experience heavy casualties since much of the garrison was also wiped out when the Helm drove them into a homicidal frenzy.

An Apocalyptic ShowdownEdit

Following the Second Battle of Skarpos, Odion traveled back to Vanahame where he intended to use the Helm to harness the negative emotions of the child captives at the cloister there so he could deploy its destructive dark side energies on the Grumani sector. Odion intended to drive all other sentient beings to destruction and thus become the ruler of the universe by wiping out all other life. Doyan was also present in the throne room when Odion outlined his goals for galactic domination. To create a state of fear and despair among the child inmates within the Vanahame cloister, Odion ordered the operators at a signal to switch off all lights within the vast chamber. This drove the children into a state of panic which provided a surge of negative emotions necessary to activate the Helm.

While Wayman expressed that he was honored to be among the first to meet the end of all existence, Doyan remarked that she had always wanted to join Odion's death cult. She added that she sought the death of everyone who had ever tried to humiliate her before concluding that now they would all be equals in death. However, Odion's second-in-command Yulan opted not to be in the throne room and expressed his preference to die in the Cloister with the children so that his strength could augment Odion's powers. In reality however, he intended to sabotage the Helm by switching back on the lights and freeing the orphans. Yulan's change of heart had been engendered by Kerra who managed to convince him that life had a meaning and that the children's lives mattered.

Odion activated the Helm and directed its powers at both his Novitiates and selected targets within the Grumani Sector. All of the Novitiates including Doyan expressed a willingness to embrace death through a duel to the death. Doyan was presumably killed during this melee but not before wounding or killing other Novitiates. Ultimately, Odion's bid for galactic domination collapsed when Yulan succeeded in freeing the captives, causing a surge in positive emotions like relief and joy. The Helm subsequently overloaded and ignited a firestorm which killed Odion.

With the death of its titular ruler, the highly-centralized Odionate collapsed and its territories were divided among Odion's Sith family. Meanwhile, Kerra and Yulan succeeded in evacuating thousands of orphans to the safety of Republic space. The Novitiates ultimately ceased to exist following the Battle of Vanahame.


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