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The Draagax, sometimes called "drag" for short, was a large omnivorous rodent-like creature that inhabited the planet of Relkass. Standing two meters tall with long ears and venom filled teeth, the Draagax was also a dangerous predator when it ate the narcotic Relkass sentinel plant. Using its sight, which was capable of normal and infrared, the frenzied animal would hunt down anything warm-blooded foregoing its normal diet of razor grass and small rodents. The Draagax was a pack hunter, and frequented the equatorial regions of Relkass.

Due to the danger posed by a Draagax under the influence of the sentinel plant narcotic, Relkass officials placed a reward for hunters to cull Draagax herds during the dry seasons, though few were able to take up the offer due to the hazards associated with Draagax hunting.


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