"We get a couple of Hutts or a Drack in [the refresher], we don't want the air circ to be overwhelmed."
Memah Roothes[src]

Drackmarians were a humanoid-reptilian species that hailed from Drackmar. They were recognizable by their tails, large sharp teeth along their snout, colorful spotted scales, vertically running spikes from the top of their head to their tail and along their shoulders, and the helmets they had to wear when away from the methane atmosphere of Drackmar. They were known for their generosity and could not be coerced. They did not require sleep.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Drackmarians were fearless opponents of the Galactic Empire, and afterward were only loosely allied with the New Republic. The Morseerians were reported to be one of their client species. Once in control of part of the Quelii sector, they were driven out by Warlord Zsinj.

The most notable Drackmarian was the warlord Omogg. She played a high-stakes game of Sabacc with Han Solo, and lost the deed to a planet known as Dathomir.



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