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Dragon Squadron was an elite X-wing starfighter squadron in the service of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War who were led by Wyvern Toriq. The members of the squadron were almost all adrenaline junkies who specialized in near-suicidal raids, ranging from Humans to Wookiees. Many of the members had been badly hurt, most being either cyborgs or disabled and only able to fly in customized starfighters. Indeed, some of the members were even psychotic or drug users which enabled them to do things with their X-wings which would make their designers scream.

The squadron was assigned to assist a group of Rebels who were planning to steal the prototype of the D-Wing Space Superiority Fighter, a new model of starfighter designed by Tay Industries which was being showcased at the Cynestra Space Craft Show. The group of Rebels were informed that they were in command of Dragon Squadron, and were to call them to create a distraction while the Rebels stole the prototype.