"Watch this--Little trick I picked up flying dragon kites on Coruscant... put 'em on spin dry... and turbulence does the rest!"
―Wes Janson[src]

A dragon kite was a type of kite that was used by Coruscanti for combat competitions between two kite fliers. The object of these matches was to down the other being's kite using various maneuvers aimed at preventing the opposing kite from catching the wind that kept it aloft.

During an engagement with Imperial TIE fighters over Cilpar in 4 ABY, Rogue Squadron's Wes Janson was being pursued by a pair of them when he deliberately put his T-65 X-wing starfighter into a spin. The TIE fighters, unsuited to flying within an atmosphere, were caught in the turbulence caused by this maneuver and lost control, striking each other and exploding. Janson, however, was too close to the point of impact when this happened and his starfighter was hit by debris, causing him to crash. He survived the incident, however.