The Drainsweeper Event

Drainsweeper was an event in the Roon Colonial Games hosted on the Outer Rim planet of Roon. It was a three a three-stage relay race that was performed while riding on rockhoppers. Shoving was permitted in this event and racers were eliminated if they fell off their rockhopper. Some participants would fall into the racing course's central drain, where a game authority would catch them by operating a gravity-manipulating device.

The Human female Auren Yomm and her team, the alien Gee Long and the droid BIX, specialized in the event and were slated to compete against the team of Governor Bisad Koong during the Roon Games of 15 BBY. However, when Long and Bix were unable to compete after Koong's assassin droid Bun-Dingo attempted to sabotage their team, Mungo Baobab and his protocol droid, C-3PO, competed in their place and won the championship with Yomm.



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