"Drako, the leader of the Hawk-bat gang."
Oollie, introducing Drako[src]

Drako was a male Codru-Ji from the planet of Coruscant.


Early lifeEdit

Drako became a professional swoop racer early in life, and was said to have never lost a race. His winning streaks were helped in part by his trusty ion blaster that never left his side. Drako eventually became leader of the notorious Hawkbat Gang, a swoop racing group founded in the Coruscant underlevels during the years following the Invasion of Naboo.

Last raceEdit

"I challenge you to a race through the tunnel near the power plant. Meet me in one hour."
"You're on."
"Don't be late, Jedi."
―Drako and Anakin Skywalker[src]

Sometime after 28 BBY, Drako set up a swoop race on Coruscant, challenging the young and talented Anakin Skywalker. Midway through the course, Drako realized that he could not defeat Anakin, without the help of his blaster, that is. While aiming his weapon, he became distracted and failed to notice the obstacle in his way. Slamming into a repulsorlift transport, Drako was killed instantly.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Drako was a member of the four-armed Codru-Ji species and one of the fastest racers on Coruscant. Prior to his death, Drako was undefeated; most believed this was due to cheating.[1]



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