"There's a limit to how many times one creature can predict things like that, using nothing but intelligence and luck."

Drawmas Sma'Da was a gambler and businessman who ran his own self-developed gambling operation called the Invisible & Ineluctable Casino.


Successful businessmanEdit

An immense Human with an appetite for the finer things, Drawmas Sma'Da was the organizer of an exclusive type of gambling operation. The organization had no base of operations and was run solely by Sma'Da, who received wagers and dealt out the cash. All wagers at the Invisible & Ineluctable Casino centered around the outcome of battles in the Galactic Civil War. Sma'Da became quite good at predicting the odds of either the Rebellion or the Empire in upcoming battles.

Eventually, Sma'Da became so good at guessing the odds, that the Empire became suspicious, as they surmised that no one was as good as he was at guessing the odds with only luck. It was also suspected that Sma'Da could have had access to inside sources, and the Empire needed to know who might be betraying them or whether he had access to an inside Rebel source. A large bounty was placed on the capture of Sma'Da, so that the Empire could have a chance to "interview" him. Sma'Da caught wind of his request for capture and devised to do everything he could to avoid being apprehended. The gambler stayed firmly put in his own home and would only leave the house to frequent Salla C'airam's bar, where weapons were forbidden.

Sma'Da continued to run his "Casino" from the bar, without fear of ever being caught. However, the bounty hunting duo of Zuckuss and 4-LOM were able to sneak a hold-out blaster pistol into C'airam's bar. To Sma'Da's shock, Zuckuss forced the gambler out of the establishment with the weapon, and the two hunters turned him over to the Empire for a hefty fee.


"I'll give you a good bet on a couple of 'em. You can bet that if I ever get my hands on a pair named Zuckuss and 4-LOM, they're both dead meat."
―Drawmas Sma'Da[src]

Sma'Da swore revenge on Zuckuss and 4-LOM, and although Zuckuss had assumed that Sma'Da wouldn't return from Imperial custody without being severely tortured, the wily gambler was able to escape his fate. Through a series of bribes and promises, Sma'Da was able to get the Imperials to look the other way. Unfortunately, almost all of Sma'Da's capital was needed to pay for getting out of the mess, and he had a long road ahead to get back to his former comfortable lifestyle.

As Sma'Da slowly rebuilt his wealth, he was confronted by the dancer girl, Manaroo who wanted to know the odds that her husband Dengar would return from his hunt for Kuat of Kuat. Sma'Da gave Dengar almost no chance to succeed. Dengar had teamed up with Boba Fett, who was not known for sharing a bounty. Sma'Da almost refused to let Manaroo place a bet on the hunter, but she insisted. Sma'Da offered Manaroo a drink after the transaction was complete, stating that he hated "to take credits from a pretty female, and not give them something in return". Manaroo only replied that he better be ready to pay up when the time came.

Unfortunately for Sma'Da, Dengar survived the hunt, and he was forced to pay a hefty sum of money to Manaroo. It is unknown how badly this hurt Sma'Da's business, but two major losses so close to each other probably had a terrible effect on Sma'Da's Invisible & Ineluctable Casino.

Physical attributesEdit

"Eventually, he'll implode, from sheer mass and density, like a black hole."
Zuckuss in regards to Sma'Da's corpulence.[src]

Due to his wealth from his profitable gambling business, Sma'Da was able to indulge more than was really necessary. As a result, he was rather large and spoke with a booming voice. Sma'Da was also known to wear expensive rings and diamonds around his fingers, which were regularly manicured. Sma'Da was not privy to just rings though, and his smile was characterized by several gold teeth which helped distinguish his fat face.



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