"I am Dray. This is my holocron. It was by my design that it comes to you. For what I know is meant for you and you alone.…"
―Dray's holocron to Finn Galfridian[src]

Dray's holocron was created by Dray sometime before or during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The holocron contained information about Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators wearing ooglith masquers.[3] In 25 ABY Leia Organa Solo, her children, Lowbacca, and Finn Galfridian traveled to Nar Shaddaa to acquire this information from an unknown smuggler, later revealed as Spraug.[2]

After the acquisition they found the holocron would show only one Yuuzhan Vong infiltrator: Dulac, a person Finn had known on Artorias.[2] On Yavin 4 Luke Skywalker learned the holocron only worked in the vicinity of Finn and deduced the holocron was meant for him. This was later confirmed when Finn was alone and held the holocron, Dray appeared to him and warned him of a revelation about one close to him and Tsalok hunting him. Dray also told Finn he had to go back to Artorias, although he did not know why.[1]

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In Invasion 0 the holocron is shaped like a icosidodecahedron, but when it reappears in Invasion 5 it is shaped like a pyramid. All subsequent appearances use the pyramid shape.


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