"I've studied records about the Drayen dynasty. They started from humble beginnings, distinguished themselves as war heroes. Officially, anyway. In reality, they backstabbed their way to power just like every other ruler. Some were better at it than others."
Risha Drayen[src]

The Drayen dynasty was a long line of war heroes, royals, and criminals originally settled on the planet Dubrillion. Their rule came to an end years before the Cold War, when an unnamed usurper ousted King Arak Drayen III from Dubrillion, but Arak managed to escape with the Crown of Dubrillion and hid it aboard a starship in the Long Shadow. His grandson, Nok Drayen became a legendary crime lord, secretly obsessed with the Drayens regaining their throne. After Nok died of degenerative disease caused by a traitorous lieutenant, his only daughter Risha became the sole surviving heir to the Drayen dynasty.