"Lando's kind me. I might lose a little sleep if I let you take him."
―Drea Renthal to Boba Fett[src]

Drea Renthal was a Human female who served as commander of a pirate fleet in the years prior to the Battle of Yavin. Drea was not typical of other pirates since she had a code of ethics that tried to minimize casualties. A self-stylized businesswoman, she was only in the game for quick credits and would never lower her standards to deal in slaves. She was known to take hostages but always returned the hostage unharmed when the ransom was paid.


Anatomy of a pirate queenEdit

Approximately 46 standard years old in the time of the Battle of Yavin, Drea Renthal was a big woman with squarish features and a strong alto for a voice. She always dressed in mismatched clothes, wearing garments that clashed with each other, along with various sets of armor. Her hair, done up short and spiky, was silver and gold. Her typical style of hatwear usually included a flamboyant beret with an orange feather trailing behind it. Though always dressed in outrageous fashion and a dangerous warrior to boot, people who knew her thought of her as an extrememly refined and intelligent woman.

The Battle of Nar ShaddaaEdit

In 3 BBY the Hutts hired Drea Renthal to protect Nal Hutta from an Imperial fleet that was going to make an example of the criminal moon of Nar Shaddaa by enacting Base Delta Zero. Though she had no orders to engage the Empire to protect the moon, she decided it was in her best interests to join the smuggler fleet and attack the Empire en masse when Admiral Greelanx arrived with the fleet. Her orders were to protect the Hutts, and although Greelanx had been paid off to leave Nal Hutta alone, there was still a chance that the Empire would attack Hutt interests on Nal Hutta. Because her fleet consisted mostly of larger capital ships and squadrons of Y-wings, she was instrumental to the smugglers by getting Greelanx to order a retreat. Her many accomplishments during the Battle of Nar Shaddaa included the crippling of the Renthal's Vigilance and the destruction of the Arrestor and Peacekeeper. Afterward, Drea was able to salvage the Vigilance and bring the Carrack into her own fleet, thereby increasing her firepower and her ability to make a quick credit. She rechristened the new ship Renthal's Vigilance.

Gambling with a love affairEdit

For a short time afterwards she became lover of Lando Calrissian, even though she was "old enough to be his mother," as Han Solo said when teasing Lando about his relationship. After Lando decided life aboard a pirate vessel was simply not his style, he picked up and went on his own way, breaking their relationship but remaining good friends. After their relationship ended, Drea dropped Lando off at Cloud City for a gambling tournament that changed his and Han Solo's life forever, for this was the event where Han won from Lando the famous Millennium Falcon.

Pirate queen versus Queen of EmpireEdit

In 1 BBY Drea Renthal encountered Lando Calrissian again a year down the road at what would be a most opportune time for a second meeting. While Lando embarked aboard the Queen of Empire for a week of gambling, he ran afoul of Boba Fett while turning his infamous charm on Fett's bounty, a Rebel named Bria Tharen. But as Lando assumed correctly, Drea Renthal targeted the luxury liner for a raid and dragged a large asteroid through the ship's hyperspace route to tug the Queen back into real-space. When her pirates raided the vessel, Drea and her mercenaries cornered Fett and forced him to let go both Lando (as her ex lover) and Bria (as owed debt to Han Solo from Battle of Nar Shaddaa), going so far as to pay him hundred-thousand credit bounty using credits stolen from passengers of the luxury liner. Her reason behind that good deed was simply, because she was still fond of the young gambler.

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