The Dread Executioners camp was an Imperial outpost of the Dread Executioners located on Oricon. The personnel stationed there included Lord Hargrev, Maiya Vix, Barleos Choid, Dae'o Soset, Halsia Banso, Seibahn Vabakson and Traxalis Deagua.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Using information from the novel The Old Republic: Annihilation and Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, the events of Game Updates 2.0 through 3.3 for Star Wars: The Old Republic can be placed in the time period between 3640 BBY and 3637 BBY. According to The Old Republic lead designer Charles Boyd (screenshot), the game's events can be assumed to occur in a timeline matching that of their real-time release. Therefore, the events of Game Update 2.4: The Dread War can be placed in approximately 3639 BBY.