The Dreadnought battle tank was a massive battle tank created for the mercenary Cydon Prax by Count Dooku.


Its weapons included laser cannons, concussion missiles, and a plasma pulse discharger. The missiles were launched from mass-driver cannons similar to the ones carried by the LAAT/i gunships.

It had heavy armor plating, and was one of the biggest hovertanks, surpassed only by the Protodeka and the Seismic tank.


Prax used the ship during the Battle of Thule, during which he managed to destroy Mace Windu's Saber-class fighter tank outside the capital (though the Jedi Master survived). Later in the battle, Anakin Skywalker, piloting his own fighter tank, moved to destroy the Dark Reaper. Prax challenged the young Jedi, and was ultimately killed when Skywalker destroyed his Dreadnought.

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