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Dren Melne had a younger brother in his Melne family, who would grow up to be a Shaak wrangler.

Like everyone else in the family, he developed a strong contempt for Dren Melne when he decided to leave Naboo to become a mercenary and fighter pilot to the point of his father referencing how he came back home years later in a black Flight suit and a Blaster pistol instead of a Hunting rifle.

In 33 BBY Dren betrayed the Royal Space Fighter Corps by trying to steal N-1 starfighters and N-X Police Cruisers to the Agamar Governor Challep. He was killed by his own contractors for failing to deliver what he promised.

Essara Till, his lover and wingman would relay the news to his family as part of her investigations. The family refused to be helpful and instead Dren's younger brother ejected her out of the house and chased her into the street, to the approval of his parents. Essara Till believed that by treating Meln with hostility the family had influenced his decision to betray Naboo.