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"We told him there was no coming home when he left. We told him that when he returned waring that hideous black flight suit and carrying a blaster! Can you believe that he brought that weapon into our house? Not a hunting rifle, but a pistol! A weapon of war!"
―Dren's father[src]

This male human was Dren Melne's father. He and his wife was the father of another son after him.

Dren Melne's family held a great deal of contempt to Melne's decision to leave Naboo to become a mercenary and fighter pilot to the point of his father referencing how he came back home years later in a black Flight suit and a Blaster pistol instead of a Hunting rifle.

At 33 BBY Dren Melne betrayed Essara Till, who was his lover, when he attempted to collaborate with the Governor of Agamar Challep, to steal N-1 fighters for their technology and was killed by his own contractors. When Essara Till relayed this to the family they were hostile to her inquiries and blamed Ars Veruna's off-world dealings as part of his influence to become a mercenary. He would soon watch with pride when his younger son chased Till down the streets of Naboo. Essara Till believed that Melne's family influenced his decision to betray Naboo.