Drenna was a young Senali, daughter of Garth and Ganeed, and niece of the King Meenon of Senali. She befriended Leed, Prince of Rutan, when he came to the moon to be changed for the king's daugther, Yaana, because of the laws of Rutan and Senali. When Leed was kidnapped by some accomplices of Taroon, she helped Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi to rescue him, besides, she was a great archer. Later, they went to Rutan to negotiate with King Frane where Leed should stay. Then, they tried to free Yaana, King Meenon's daughter, from Frane's oppressions. After finding Yaana, Frane didn't let her go if any Senali didn't stay in Rutan, so Drenna volunteered to do it. While being in Rutan, she was attacked by seeker droids, programmed by Taroon, in order to kill some neks. When Taroon found out that Drenna was in danger, he, Jinn and Kenobi went to rescue her. Finally, she fell in love with Taroon.



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